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InnerHealth provides high-quality CBD products at low prices

Wondering why CBD products are so expensive? Until now, it was because hemp production wasn't streamlined. InnerHealth of El Paso, TX has addressed weaknesses in the supply chain and customer care to provide boutique-quality CBD for sale at wholesale prices.

Here's how we keep our production costs so low:

We develop all-natural hemp products in-house to meet consumer demand. | We send our products to a trusted third-party lab for testing. | We sell our products directly to retailers.

Your bottom line is sure to rise when you sell our American-made products at your CBD store. Feel free to pass the savings onto your customers or reinvest in your business.

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Is CBD Safe for Pets? Yes!

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You'll be impressed by what's NOT in our products

Advancements in hemp production are changing the game, and InnerHealth is at the forefront of innovation. Our lab-grade products contain...

  • No synthetic ingredients
  • No pesticides
  • No THC

Fill your shelves with InnerHealth products

El Paso, TX residents are looking for affordable CBD products. You can meet their needs by stocking up on our...

Classic hemp products, such as tinctures and drops | Cosmetics, such as lotion and topical cream | Edibles, such as gummies and softgels | Smokables, such as vape pens

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InnerHealth Mission Statement:

Now you can be at ease, at InnerHealth we've witnessed an industry over the past years that's been flooded with inferior (yes, all CBD is not the same quality) and overpriced products that just don't work and make people give up hope. We've done our diligence over the past 2 years and teamed up with labs that have the same core values as us, bringing the highest quality of hemp extract to the people for a cost that's industry-changing, like you deserve.